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The World Leaders in Brake Upgrades for 4WD Trucks

With our brake kits, you can experience improved drivability and safety in various situations. Whether you’re commuting daily, encountering sudden stops on the highway, embarking on a journey to your favorite destination, traversing mountain passes, or engaging in off-roading adventures, we strive to restore your confidence while driving heavy trucks or trucks equipped with larger wheels and tires.


Don’t compromise when it comes to the safety of your vehicle and loved ones. Invest in a brake upgrade if you have larger wheels, added weight to your 4WD, or tow a trailer.


Powerbrake components excel in managing heat, operating at high temperatures, and delivering reliable performance during daily driving, off-roading, and emergency situations.


Our innovative brake technologies endure extreme conditions, tested in African deserts, South American mountains, and challenging terrains across the USA.


Using advanced design software and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), our engineers craft custom brake systems with optimal features for your 4WD truck.

D-Line Rotor & Pad Kit

Direct OEM Replacement

X-Line Big Brake Kit

Significant Upgraded Performance

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